Priory School is committed to promoting the safeguarding and welfare of young people. We understand that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility.

  • The only school in Birmingham to provide pastoral support through a dedicated team of well-being ambassadors ensuring that your child is thoroughly cared for across all stages of their personal development.
  • Vertical tutor groups promote a signature ‘family feel’ creating a supportive and caring community
  • Pioneering Peer Mentoring schemes enabling students to receive nurturing support from their peers instilling confidence and promoting self esteem
    Priory School provides a safe and caring environment which meets the needs of every pupil, enabling each one to fulfil their own potential both academically and socially. Priory operates a positive behaviour policy through our clear system of rewards and sanctions designed collaboratively with all teachers and pupils and are reviewed regularly.
  • Academic mentoring from a dedicated member of the academic staff providing one to one support, encouragement and liaison with parents and academic staff on a daily basis
  • Brother and Sister peer mentoring system ensuring that students have an experienced member of the school community dedicated to their emotional and social support
  • A passionate House system promoting healthy competition amongst pupils and instilling skills in group work and team activities
  • A positive behaviour policy promoting fairness and restorative justice
  • Assured and effective communication with parents on a regular basis
  • Acclaimed open door policy for parents and students