Our dedicated staff will support your child as they grow

Safeguarding your child in our care is our highest priority. All children have the right to grow up in a safe and secure environment, where they feel comfortable that their needs will be met.

We ensure foundations are laid for our pupils to have an understanding of the world and grow to become caring, well-rounded individuals.

A vibrant range of curricular activities

This includes specialist French and Music sessions, Tots Tennis, Football and multi-lingual lessons provides children with the opportunity to develop key skills and express themselves freely.

Pupils in our Nursery class gain immense enjoyment and confidence from swimming lessons and optional ballet sessions.

A stimulating and nurturing environment

Wet inspire children to learn through play and exploration, encouraging your child to grow and flourish into an inquisitive and confident individual.

Children’s personal, social and emotional development are at the heart of everything we do.